MK Bonded Washers are made with premium compounds and bonded with well treated backing materials for permanent seal in a wide variety of applications. MK Bonded Washers withstand extreme temperature, weather and ozone changes. The thickness and the hardness of facing and backing material can be designed according to the application to ensure adequate sealing.

Our vast tooling capabilities and 30 years of experience allow us to manufacture fasteners outside diameters ranging from9.5mm to 38mm and to go with #8 to #M13 diameters screws and bolts. From curing, stamping, sorting till packaging, we control all phases of the manufacturing process to produce the washers which meets requirement.

Facing material:
1. Black EPDM
2. Conductive EPDM
3. Grey EPDM
4. Neoprene

Backing material:
1. A2 304 Stainless Steel
2. A4 316 Stainless Steel
3. Galv. steel
4. Aluminum